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Passion for detail, respect for tradition and attention to construction.

In TEKTONARCHOS SA we have prepared a complete plan that will guide the stakeholders in all stages of construction from the initial phase of the excavation until the final stage of landscaping and delivery of housing. For each phase of construction is at least one point quality control (quality checkpoint) which must be confirmed to proceed with the construction of the next stage. Read the text below to find out more about each phase of construction.

All work done by experienced technical staff and excellent quality materials in accordance with the most modern technical terms, building regulations, and based on robust and integrated projects.

Preliminary Stages

In the preparatory phase is the final presentation of the house through the draft while he informed throughout the process of issuing the building permit and the stages of construction.
Reinforced Concrete

The first step in the right body structure is reinforced concrete (walls, columns and beams). Our analysis of the soil conditions, existing seismic regulations, and the size of the structure to ensure its high quality and integrity of the structural system that matches the given accommodation.

External Insulation and Masonry

As the body is the skeleton of your home so the exterior walls and insulation are the skin. Special care is given to the issue of sealing and waterproofing of both the operator and the external wall to provide complete insulation and protection from the weather.

Electromechanical Services

The electro-mechanical installations are made with the most modern materials and systems under study by experienced engineers of our company

Home Masonry & Scales


Sanitary Ware & Wardrobes


Flooring & Finishes