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Always begins with the assumption that you are unique, with a special and equally unique vision of your home. Building on this significant investment, you deserve the best in design and construction.

We are committed to guide you in realizing your dream.


The architect Christos Diplas born in Tripoli, Arcadia (1954), where he spent the early childhood years.
A graduate of Boys High School Plaka, road space the historic center of Athens, Metaxourgeio and Thissio.
He attended the School of Architecture NTUA (1971-1976).
The headquarters of the Technical Society "Tektonarchos SA" which he founded and runs, located in Kifissia.

Tektonarchos SA

 The Construction Company "Tektonarchos SA" has many years experience in Design and Construction of private construction projects (houses and luxury flats mainly in Dionysus Ekali and Kifissia), office buildings and shops and the renovation of old buildings and the last five years, has demonstrated significant expertise in design and manufacturing of Industrial and Warehouse buildings.

Staffed and surrounded with notable engineers of all disciplines (Architect, Civil Engineer., Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Surveyors, etc.), but also designers and decorators and foremen, who have vast experience on modern methods of construction experience that deepens day by day and enriched with each new project and construction supervision of seminars etc.

The "Tektonarchos SA" undertakes the design, supervision and enforcement of building up the final stage of completion "a turn-key".