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Designing a new house, my interest as the author does not focus only on achieving the best possible functional design of spaces, not just the posting of the highest possible aesthetic enjoyment, but the composition of an exciting life environment, suitable to serve your own opinion about well-being. My own creation does not cease to be a personal voiced an even more intense personal vision: of your dreams for your home.

List of Options

To help in locating, to estimate and prioritize all factors important to you in view of our cooperation for the design of your home, prepared a list, a sample of which appears below, which will be useful to read carefully, patiently and without haste.

 Compare the various subjects in this list the potential list of wants and needs, with what you have to now imagine or reflect upon your future home. It is absolutely necessary to proparaskefasthite step by step, to the home of your dreams happen really. Should define the objectives, goals, preferences, requirements and needs in relation to the desired lifestyle.

 Be aware that the areas and rooms generally fall into one of the following three categories: The Sleep Zone (Zone Anapafseos) contains the bedrooms and on with these 'Bathrooms. The work area includes the kitchen, laundry, storage rooms, workshop and other operating rooms. The Zone accommodation includes lounge, dining room, daily and other functional areas such as input, etc.

However, before you say your last word about any choice you analogisthite that house, your house is not just a pot life. Nor only a shell of protection and warmth, a constant generator of positive feelings of safety, magnanimity, love, creativity and sociability. 'Above all it is a living organism.